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Make your marketing so useful that people would pay for it.



BizMantra inculcates Business Execution, Business Strategy, Sales Improvement, Executive leadership and provide a great pathway to business success and consistent profitable growth. BizMantra aims to test your marketing skills at a rudimentary level. Here you have to accept a product from our side and build its presence by bringing it in the spotlight. Your journey in this event will put you through a series of tasks, which will help you realize your potential in the world of marketing.

Prizes Worth Rs. 60K
  1. BizMantra brings a unique approach to the strategy process. It allows a free space for the full potential to come into play by letting the ambition drive the strategy.  A well-defined process ensures that accountability is maintained and the full potential is harnessed. 

  2. The event will give you an exposure to marketing at a ground level and an opportunity to look at scenarios from a macro perspective and sharpen a crucial skill of understanding what a customer wants and imbibing that in your marketing strategy.

  3. It’s the event where you can use your hidden knowledge which can be out of syllabus for all other.

  4. BizMantra gives you chance to prove yourself out of book. Because anyone can read book and pass exam but exam of life can be pass by real experiences and we are here for that only.

  5. Meet new people, socialize and make your presence felt by being a part of this wonderful journey.

  6. Opportunity to enhance your knowledge by research, discussion and hands-on experience.

  7. A chance to build a network with like-minded people and gain positive exposure and enhance your communication skills.

  8. Certificates of Participation will be awarded to everyone clearing the quiz round, issued by E- Cell.

  9. Participants get a chance to win attractive cash prices and goodies.

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