Lens The Idea

Roll your ideas into a complete advertisement for a company and let everyone see how your idea can take life as a ad.

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Ad-venture is the ad making event in Conso. If you can roll your ideas into a complete advertisement for a company then this event provides you with the opportunity to make it big. It is your chance to be on the screen while giving life to your ideas staying behind it.


The theme for the event is “Give traction to your life with the right choice of tyre.”

The comfort of your journey can vary sharply based on the tyres you use for your vehicle. The ride could be effortless, allowing you to cruise through highways and roughened roads with ease, or it could lead to you go on looking at your destination on the map, wanting the ride to end almost instantly. The dangers of a bad tyre are many, yet all it takes one choice to avoid all that trouble and ensure your life is always on track.

Make an ad for our sponsor “Ajmera Tyres”, a reputed company with years of experience in tyre manufacture.

The ad should be based on the idea of “enhancing the pleasure of driving and educating the society about the importance of good tyres”.

For more information about Ajmera Tyres visit: Adventure: Ajmera Tyres Brief

Type of content expected

The content can be in any one of the forms below:

  1. Videos
  2. Posters
  3. Jingles

If you have any other form/media in mind, contact us.

Criteria for Judgement:
  1. Coherence of content with the theme.
  2. Visual appeal.
  3. Skills attributed to refining and editing.
  4. Creativity of thought.
  5. Sense of completeness and effort.
  6. Content reflected in the ad; on the given theme.

LAST DAY OF REGISTRATION: 11:59 PM, 25 February, 2018.


A company's growth is nestled in the way it is marketed. What if you never see your favourite soft-drink company on your tele or daily? What if they never appear on your news feeds? Every company, be it at any stage, need to project it's vision and idea in the most unique way. Well, an advertisement that'd connect with millions and let their idea breathe with them is what all a company needs.

Participants will make an ad be it a 'jingle' or a 'video' for a company and will be judged on their creativity, brevity and originality. Why keep an idea, lens it this Conso.


Event Managers

  1. Ayush Ratna

    +91 7558621726

  2. Aman Jain

    +91 9561503330

  3. Sri Charan

    +91 7721075759