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Bizquiz is the quiz which will be based on topics such as Business, Innovation in technology and current affairs. But do not mistake it for a mere quizzing event; for us, it is a battle of wits, challenge to the wise and knowledgeable, and a never like before experience for many.

Prizes Worth Rs. 5K

NOTE: Participation Certificate to all the participants selected for Round 2.

  1. The quest for knowledge has been the part of humankind since time immemorial. So E-Cell VNIT brings to you one of the best quizzing events in the country on theme businesses.

  2. This event gives an excellent opportunity for students to showcase their knowledge and skills.

  3. Experience in performing certain mind-boggling questions in a given span of time.

  4. Prizes for the Top 3 performing teams and goodies for other performing teams.

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