IPL Auction 2.0

Be Bold Get Sold.

₹ 10,000


An event for everyone who not only just loves the game of cricket, but also analyses it to the limit. This event makes you the don of the hat of a bidder. You need to manage your budget and you can strategize to make the best possible team competing against other opponents who will give you a run for your money, quite literally. If you love cricket, if you have followed IPL and if you can mix common sense with passion into your bidding strategy, this event is a must for you.

    1. A team must comprise of 3-5 members.
    2. Team members must be of same college.
    3. A team member cannot register in more than one team.
    4. Multiple teams from institutes are allowed and encouraged.
    5. In case of any discrepancies, decision taken by the judges/event organizers will be final.

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