The Logo Design Competition

Creative Professionals



A logo is a combination of text and visual imagery. It gives a company a recognized symbol and have powerful symbolic association connected to people’s memory. It enhances brand exposure, builds corporate identity and trust, helps in relating with the customers, makes the advertising plan much easier. Render.Ico is an event to test your creative skills as a logo designer.

Prizes Worth ₹ 10K

  1. Attractive prizes for top three positions and certificates for all participants.

  2. Design logos of renowned companies and experience the hidden potential within you.

  3. Great opportunity to show your designing skills.

  4. Meet new graphic designer and make your presence felt by being a part of this wonderful journey.

  5. A chance to network with like minded people and gain invaluable experience.

  6. Participation increases your confidence level and the hardships faced can help recognize your strengths and weaknesses.

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