Inter NIT Social Entrepreneurship Challenge



Swades - INSEC aims to understand the social problems in rural India and to solve them using an entrepreneurial mindset. Participants who qualify for the third round are taken to a village to understand the actual ground level problems.

Prizes Worth ₹ 5K

  1. Opportunity to interact with some of the renowned personalities in the field of Social Entrepreneurship.

  2. Opportunity of a first-hand experience to interact with the village environment face to face.

  3. Opportunity to interact with a diverse group of participants, each of whom is uniquely capable in their own aspiration and thought process, but having the same end objective as yours; to do something for the betterment of the village society.

  4. Witness some of the best innovations in the final seminar which might actually have an impact in the coming days.

  5. Meet new people, socialize and make your presence felt by being a part of this wonderful journey.

  6. Shape your direction, thought process and general know-how about the Indian society in general and villages in particular.

  7. Opportunity to be at the fulcrum of some of the most positive and impactful changes in the society for the betterment of the people, maybe even at the forefront of it all!

  8. Availability of highest level of support system for execution and implementation of your solution statement, if it is found to be sustainable and effective.

  9. Opportunity for you to develop contacts with some of the most high profile NGOs, Social Clubs, Company CSRs, and Renowned Individuals in this sector, with years of experience and expertise.

  10. Prizes for the Top 3 performing teams as stated below and goodies for other performing teams.

  11. Opportunity for Social Internships and many other such incentives at renowned companies and NGOs.

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