War of Worlds

Survival of fittest

Rise from the debris of the fallen in a knock out game where only the fittest survive



Consortium’21 presents War of Worlds, a gameshow that will provide you with an opportunity to showcase your leadership skills.So if you wish to learn and enhance the skills of negotiation and conflict resolution,dare to tackle some arduous challenges, and desire to unleash the uncompromising leader in you,then step up and become a part of this exhilarating event.

Prizes Worth ₹ 5K

  • War of Worlds is an exciting event that will engage you into a fast-paced virtual world and test your quick thinking, decision making and analytical skills.

  • It is also a platform that will allow you to improve your communication skills and meet new people, either as allies or opponents, and help you gain an experience of dealing with people in different situations.

  • The unique concept of the event allows the participants to form a new perception of the world and turn it into an opportunity to adopt a distinct viewpoint.

  • Participation certificates will be provided to every participant.

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